Security Procedures

Security Measures for arrivals are very similar to the procedures at other airports. Each passenger has to go through the control procedures that are determined by the Transportation Security Administration. Due to these reasons, it is always recommended for customers to plan their time in case they have connecting flights scheduled.

The arrival of security procedures obligate travelers to pass through a body scanner. At the same time, their baggage will be checked separately from them. All the passengers should cooperate with TSA employees for the sake of procedures passing smoothly, without any inconveniences.

Customs and Border protection

Customs and Border Protection officers are also at the airport to enforce customs, immigration, and agriculture laws. CBP employees must make sure that borders are remaining safe, and there are no violations in the transportation of prohibited items. All the passengers have to go through CBP procedures with the cooperation of officers. These procedures include additional screening steps and communication with the representative, answering their question honestly, and stating traveling reasons and details.