Security procedures

For offering a safe and secure environment for everyone at Cherry Capital Airport, security measures are managed and operated by TSA officers. Therefore, it is always recommended to passengers to plan, since security wait times at Cherry Capital Airport are always approximate and mostly based on several factors, such as severe weather, staffing, construction, business, etc. TSA's main security procedures include a screening process for passengers and their belongings. Everything is scanned through advanced imaging technology and walk-through detectors. Travelers are asked to double-check their bags for guns and other hazardous materials.

Arrival Time

TSA urges all customers to arrive at the airport in advance of scheduled flight departures. The precise arrival time should be checked with an airline as it depends on the airline that you are using and the time required for ticket counter wait, as well as possible changes to the flight schedules. It usually is recommended to arrive at least two hours before departure time. Please consider that most airlines conditions of carriage state that with many of the tickets, failing to reach the check-in counter and, therefore, the flight's departure gate may lead to a passenger being denied boarding.

ID requirements

When it comes to passports and other identification documents, all travelers are obligated to follow TSA requirements. For all passengers who are older than 18 identification documents should be valid and government-issued. It should be demonstrated at TSA security checkpoints. If for some reason passengers could not provide such a document (for example if they lost it) it is necessary to go through an identity verification process which is operated by TSA representatives.

For children under 18, no identification document is needed to provide in case of traveling within the United States.