Cherry Capital Airport provides short and long term parking options for its customers. Both lots are located next to each other and within walking distance from the terminal.

Long-term parking

Long-Term Parking lots that are also known as satellite parking lots typically are a bit further from the airport. This type of parking option is ideal for anyone who needs to leave a car for several days. It is generally required when you are traveling for an extended period. In such circumstances, it is also a better solution in terms of being more cost-effective. It is always better to book space in advance. In the case of choosing long-term parking, the starting fee is $2 for each 1 hour. If customers decide to book a lot for 24 hours, the price will be $8.

Short-term parking

Usually, short-term lots are closer to the terminal. They are mostly designed for those who are dropping off and picking up passengers as well as those who require parking space for a few minutes or hours. The case is the same with Cherry Capital Airport. The rate is $2 for each ½ hour. If a passenger prefers to book a lot for 24 hours, the charged amount will be $12.

Cellphone parking

A cellphone lot is a parking lot where people can wait a specific time before picking up passengers. These types of lots are used in order to reduce congestion at arrival sections and preventing cars from circling the airport. Cherry Capital Airport provides the comfort of free cell phone parking area for people who are waiting to pick up arriving travelers. It is situated on the east end of the primary terminal curb. Please consider that you must remain in the vehicle while being at the cell phone parking area.