Cherry Capital Airport does not offer shuttle bus transportation services. Everything at the airport is within walking distance. The airport has only one terminal where the whole area is connected in order for the travelers to move freely.


Taxi is considered to be one of the most convenient ways to reach the destination. There is a wide range of companies that offer taxi services at the location, including Uber, TC Taxi, Traverse City Taxi, Lyft, and others. The rates depend on a lot of factors, such as business, traffic, and pick up/drop off locations. There are a lot of options that allow customers to choose due to their preferences. However, the passenger should consider that it's safer to use an authorized taxi in order to avoid scams.

Bay Area Transportation Authority

Bay Area Transportation Authority delivers safe, reliable, convenient, and active transportation services in the region. In order to provide only high-quality service, all the drivers are selected with attentiveness and are responsible people who are trained to assist passengers. BATA is serving the airport terminal and links to downtown Traverse City as well as other locations in the surrounding area.